Commercial Occupancy Inspections and Permit Information

The City requires a Commercial Occupancy Permit and Business License for all businesses to verify their conformance to building code standards, land use requirements and adopted City ordinances.
To expedite your application process, several departments will coordinate their efforts from your submittal.

  • The City Clerk will verify taxes, licensing, workers compensation, and any debts owed to the city.
  • The Planning Department will verify land use and zoning requirements.
  • The Water Department will verify backflow prevention and usage information.
  • The Building Department will verify compliance with codes through inspection and plan review.
  • The Police Department will verify security information for your site.
  • The Engineering Department may need to review sites for storm water management, utility connections, etc.
Commercial Occupancies are required any time a property is changing occupants or when the business is changing ownership. It is required whether the property is being purchased or leased/rented. Please see the Commercial Occupancy and Business License Guide below.



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