Building Permits

Building Permits are required to construct, modify or in some cases repair a structure. Work of a minor nature such as the changing of a faucet, does not require a permit. Any permit issued shall become invalid if the authorized work is suspended or abandoned for a period of six months. Construction Guides, Permit  Applications and Permit Guides are available for each type of permit to help you with the submittal process. The following list requires permits (this list is not all encompassing):

  • Miscellaneous Permits to alter or add to a residential or commercial premise, this list is not all encompassing:
    • Accessory Building/Shed Permit
    • Deck/Patio Cover Permit
    • Driveway Permit
    • Fence Permit
    • Finished Basement Permit
    • Swimming Pool/Hot Tub Permit
    • New electric, plumbing or HVAC
    • Retaining walls over 3'
    • Sewer/Water install or repairs
    • Solar panels
    • Remodels
    • Building additions       

The submittal will go directly to the Building division to began the review process. Please submit all required drawings, specifications, engineered letters, etc., as it may take longer to review if the required documents are not submitted with the application. The documents can be uploaded at the bottom of the applications. If you have any questions about electronic permit submittal please call our office at (636) 327-5101 or email   (please do not request inspection via this email address). For all Contractor License questions or required submittals please contact the City Clerks office at (636) 327-5101 or email the City Clerk office.

Permits can be turned around very quickly (within a few days) if the paperwork submitted is accurate and neatly described. All applications are reviewed by staff inspectors who may call you if questions regarding your project arise.

Once permits are reviewed and approved, support staff will contact you to let you know that your permit is ready, where to pick it up and the amount of the permit fee. Permit fees vary depending upon the project. Once your permit is picked up you may schedule your inspections online or call the Building department to schedule inspections at (636) 327-5101.

A permit shall be placed in the “Expired” status if no inspection has been
performed within the first 180 days or if no inspection has occurred within 180 days of the last
inspection. Please fill out the ‘Request to Extend a Permit’ form and email it to our office.

NOTE:  All Residential and Commercial Plans for projects (new homes, business, tenant finish, etc.) can be submitted electronically or brought to the City Hall building located at 1001 Schroeder Creek Blvd. to be checked in by an inspector.

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