Building Fees

Building Permit Fees
January 1, 2023
ECC = Estimated Cost of Construction
BVD = Building Valuation Data

Type of Permit


New Residential or Commercial Building Permit Fee

Per City ordinance, Section 500.350, of the Municipal Code, the Residential and Commercial building permit fees shall be calculated using the most current estimated square footage construction costs listed in the Building Valuation Data, as published by the International Code Council. However, if the known estimated construction cost, as listed on the permit application, exceeds the Building Valuation Data calculated amount, the known estimated construction cost will be used to determine the permit fee. The building permit fee multiplier shall be applied at a rate of 0.0050.

Notice: The connection and supply fees for new utilities are added to the building permit fee in addition to water and sewer line fees and applicable water deposit and backflow fees. Please contact the Engineering Division for current fees and required supplies for a cost estimate.

Example: $100,000 (Application provided ECC), Calculated $124,359 (based on square footage and ICC BVD)

$124,359 x 0.0050 = $621.79 permit fee

New Construction Commercial Plan Review Fee

The provided ECC or calculated ECC (whichever is greater) x 0.0020, with a minimum of $50.00

Example: $100,000 (Application provided ECC), Calculated $124,359 (based on square footage and ICC BVD)

$124,359 x 0.0020 = $248.71 plan review fee

New Construction Residential Plan Review Fee


Residential Miscellaneous
Permits and Plan Review Fee - See Permitting for list of permit types.

Permit fee = ECC x 0.0050 Minimum $35.00 permit fee

Residential Miscellaneous plan review fee = $50.00

Commercial Miscellaneous Permit and Plan Review Fee

Permit fee = ECC x 0.0050 Minimum $50.00 permit fee

Commercial Miscellaneous plan review fee = ECC x 0.0020 with minimum $50.00

Extra Inspection Fee

 $50.00 (applied when 3rd or greater reinspection is required)

Residential Occupancy

(includes single and multifamily)

Commercial Occupancy

 $50.00 for all building spaces under 10,000 square feet in area
Example: 1,000 sq. ft. office = $50 .00 permit fee

Square Fee of building space x 0.0050 for all building spaces over 10,000 square feet in area
Example: 24,000 sq. ft. retail space = 24,000 x 0.0050 = $120.00 permit fee



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